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The Indoor Girl's Guide to Being Outdoorsy for Two Weeks Straight

The Indoor Girl's Guide to Being Outdoorsy for Two Weeks Straight

When I told my friends that my boyfriend and I would be traveling to Greenland and Iceland over the summer, they all responded the same way.

"Did you suddenly turn into this outdoorsy person without us knowing? What gives?"

Not at all. In fact, I'm a total indoors girl, barely played sports (unless dance team in high school counts), cry every time I see a bug, and constantly joked that I was always more of a Victoria than a David. Of course, my boyfriend Dave is a totally different story. Three-hour hikes are no big deal to him, lives for the day he can climb onto a glacier, and he's been on plenty of trips that require him to rough it. 

I honestly don't really understand what he sees in me.

When he suggested that we take a two-week trip to Greenland and Iceland, of course I was down—I'll go wherever you will go, as early '00s one-hit-wonder band The Calling once sung, and I've wanted to see that part of the world for years, especially now before climate change ruined everything. However, this would require me to be the outdoorsy person that I was not, with activities like kayaking, exploring ice caves, and hikes upon hikes dominating our schedule. All of this was pretty new to me. Of course, I was excited to have the experience, but I'm not the kind of person who regularly sleeps on the ground in a tent, or backpacks across an entire continent for fun.

Maybe you are, and hey, more power to you, but I'm not, and I don't pretend to be. I certainly exceeded my own expectations during this past trip, but certain aspects, like carrying four shampoos along in my luggage, remained the same. 

Are you an indoors girl en route to an outdoorsy locale? Rest assured, dear reader, I have you covered. Keep reading for your comprehensive guide what you need in order to pretend you can hang in the wilderness.

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