8 Lipsticks That Instantly Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

8 Lipsticks That Instantly Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Sure, teeth whitening strips are a great concept in theory, but the sensitivity in the weeks that follow? Pretty brutal, if we do say so ourselves. When you're not eager to buy an LED tooth-whitening device on your Instagram feed, or make that dreaded dentist's appointment, a "fake it til you make it" mindset always prevails.

Certain lipsticks on the cooler end of the spectrum can actually make your teeth look brighter—no downtime or sensitivity involved. The secret lies in the super-subtle blue or violet hints in each color, which cancel out any yellowness from coffee or wine consumption, and make your teeth appear whiter than they actually are. Here, we put together a list of lipsticks that hold the perfect balance of blue to impart a whiter smile. Scroll down to shop each one now. 

VIDEO: Iconic Colors: Revlon Cherries in the Snow Lipstick


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