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Summer Steals: 10 Best Sunscreens Under $10

Summer Steals: 10 Best Sunscreens Under $10

With bikini season nearly in full swing, let's talk skin: unprotected sun exposure is the culprit behind 90% of visible skin aging, not to mention the most common form of cancer. So suffice it to say that sunscreen is your single most important beauty staple this summer. Meant for year-round use, rain or shine, dermatologists recommend applying a shot glass worth to your face and body, and reapplying a minimum of every 80 minutes (not to mention after sweating or swimming). Unfortunately, a product this in-demand can really set you back more than a few pretty pennies-- many formulas these days are in the $30 range. Just in time for the season then: we’ve rounded up some of the most budget-friendly and innovative formulas, so you can stay protected year-round!

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