No Joke—Having "Spider Lashes" Is Considered Cool Again

No Joke—Having "Spider Lashes" Is Considered Cool Again
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Remember when having "spider lashes" was considered a bad thing? Once considered chunky, messy, and completely unwanted, the term was given new meaning only recently when that lengthy "spider effect" became a requested look at lash extension salons around the country, and Maybelline launched their Colossal Spider Effect Mascara ($7; "The whole terminology has changed," says makeup artist Joey Maalouf. "Spider lashes used to be thought of as clumpy, but now, they're longer, more lush, and I think they look really good."

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By contrast, the effect you may have given your lashes back in middle school (hey, no judgement, we were right there with you) would better be described as the tarantula look. Both part of the same family, though you'll recall taratulas are the slightly scarier of the two with the thick, hairy legs. "Tarantula lash was messy and all over the place—like you didn't care," Maalouf adds. "Spider lash is more about having combed, super-long and skinny lashes, which is so cool." Bad news for arachnophobics, we suppose, but great news for your lashes.

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