SPF Sticks: A Summer Skin Save You Can't Pass Up 

SPF Sticks: A Summer Skin Save You Can't Pass Up 
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Your beach trip just got 10 times better. 

There's a very important skin-care item that you should own and potentially use every day, but maybe you haven't thought to pick one up when you already have five bottles of SPF on your shelf. We're talking about sunscreen sticks, which are exactly what they sound like: solid sticks of sunscreen. 

Note that sunscreen sticks are not a total replacement for your regular sunscreen, but are instead a complementary skin-care must-have. They're intended to be used on hard-to-reach, awkward places that are exposed to the sun. For example, your lips, your hair part where your scalp is exposed, the sensitive skin around your eyes, your ears, your hairline, your nose, and the list goes on.

Numerous brands make sunscreen sticks, so you can shop around to find the product you like best. We've included some popular picks below! 

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