Simple Solutions for All Your Winter Hair Woes

Simple Solutions for All Your Winter Hair Woes

If you live somewhere with a cold climate, and have any length of hair on your head, chances are you’ve experienced at least one of the ways winter can wreak havoc on hair. Not only is it too frigid to willingly be outdoors, we spend most of these months battling the hair woes that come with the season’s elements and wardrobe. From dull, limp, and lifeless strands to the most annoying of winter hair problems—static—and staying-in till March probably seems like the only option.

The situation may seem dire, save for a tropical vacation. But if boarding the next flight down south is out of the question, there are more realistic ways of dealing with whatever winter hair woe may be plaguing you. On-the-go fly-away sheets, and a nourishing hair mask are just a couple items you can incorporate into your routine to minimize the season’s damaging effects (and your frustration). Winter is no match for the following hair-saving products.

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