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What Does Hannah Bronfman Do To Get Her Glow?

What Does Hannah Bronfman Do To Get Her Glow?
Candy Kennedy

As the founder of HBFIT, an online health and lifestyle destination, Hannah Bronfman knows the only way to achieve real results is to commit to a training regimen. Her philosophy is the same when it comes to her beauty routine: Bronfman sees Shamara Bondaroff of New York’s SB Skin clinic twice a month for microcurrent facials. “If I could find the time, I’d go every week,” Bronfman, 29, says of the slightly sci-fi treatment, which uses electrically charged wands to stimulate facial muscles, triggering elastin production (to keep skin taut) and promoting cellular repair. Bronfman says she sees both short- and long-term payoffs. “If I have an event, I’ll try to book Shamara right before,” she says. “I love the look of that initial lift, but, ultimately, it’s about taking the time to train your muscles so the effect can last.” Between appointments, Bronfman uses a NuFace micro-current device with a brightening vitamin C serum and a collagen-building peptide moisturizer. Talk about good vibes.

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