These Brands Take the Guesswork Out of Matching Your Foundation and Concealer

These Brands Take the Guesswork Out of Matching Your Foundation and Concealer
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Let’s dispel a myth right now: Your foundation does not always have to exactly match your concealer. In fact, in most cases your concealer could stand to be a bit lighter than your base for effective coverage and brightening. And yes, you can cocktail brands and play mixologist every day, blending and dabbing two (or three...) formulas together to get the most seamless coverage-but who has that kind of time to burn in the mornings? Therein lies some of the genius behind makeup artist Fiona Stiles’s line of cosmetics: She’s already done the coupling for you. The shade names of her Matte Finish ($8 to $15, and Luminous Finish ($8 to $15, liquid foundations correspond with the names of her Full Cover Perfect Finish Concealer ($6 to $12, How’s that for foolproof? Bonus: The concealers are so easy to glide on; there’s no need to yank and pull at your skin to move the formula around and get coverage.


We also give major props to luxe skincare brand La Prairie: Their Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation Sunscreen SPF 15 ($225, is a soft, dreamy liquid base pre-paired with an emollient, high-coverage concealer–and that concealer is neatly housed in the bottle cap (along with a super-handy mirror).


While the item is no doubt a splurge at $220, the product is spiked with caviar extract, is pigmented enough to cover even the angriest pimples, and feels almost impossibly lightweight.

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