6 Solid Facial Toners to Try Now 

6 Solid Facial Toners to Try Now 
Ingrid Frahm

Facial toners are one of the most divisive skincare products. Team toner swears that wiping a toner-soaked cotton ball on your face after cleansing is essential for clearing and balancing your pores, while the other side argues that they’re an extra step you don’t really need to add to an already extensive skincare routine.

Even though I love how squeaky clean and fresh my acne-prone skin feels after using one, I consider toner a bonus step. If I’m taking my skincare products to go—especially if I’m travelling—a bottle of toner usually doesn’t make it into my makeup bag.

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When you’re only allowed one zip-lock bag for all of your beauty products and toiletries, choosing what boards the plane with you and what stays at home can turn into a full-blown Hunger Games situation. If you’re a toner enthusiast, now there are a handful of solutions. The solution: stick toners. Instead of wiping these formulas on, you glide them over your face—no rinsing required. You get all the benefits of a regular toner in a TSA-friendly package that doesn’t take up too much space in your bag.

Here, we’ve rounded up six solid toners to introduce you to the latest addition to the solid skincare product trend.

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