For Instant Gratification, Try These Peel-Off Face Masks

For Instant Gratification, Try These Peel-Off Face Masks

If sheet masks are the skincare product meant for Snapchat, peel-off masks are meant for Instagram Stories. The removal process is is strangely satisfying—you’ll want to relive the sensation of peeling off the gooey, hardened gel over and over and over again. It's the definition of instant gratification.

Besides being fun to apply and then take off, the first line of business for these concoctions is to treat, repair, and nourish your skin. There are formulas that detoxify your pores, leaving them unclogged and appearing smaller than before. Others work to hydrate, soothe, and even gentle exfoliate, giving you a smoother-to-the-touch surface to work with.

Ready to peel and post…. and reap the benefits of healthier skin? Keep scrolling to learn more about a few out right now.

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