Olivia Culpo's Must-Haves for Clear Summer Skin

Olivia Culpo's Must-Haves for Clear Summer Skin
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Fact: Olivia Culpo has amazing skin. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed is photographic proof that her complexion always remains flawless whether she’s on the Oscars red carpet or at Coachella in the middle of a scorching Palm Springs desert.

Since the model and style star is constantly travelling and wearing heavy makeup on-set for work, two factors that can do some major damage to skin, we figured there needs to be a secret sauce to her routine.

Beyond using her favorite Instagram filter (she prefers Clarendon for its brightness) and finding her perfect light through trial-and-error, Culpo has an extensive, but simple skincare regimen that she follows to keep her complexion clear and radiant from the inside out.

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Along with vegetable-heavy juice recipes (her rule is 80-percent vegetables and 20-percent juice), taking vitamins, and she’s careful about protecting her skin from the sun—especially with summer and its running list of festivals coming up. “I really try to be diligent about keeping my face out of the sun, or at least try to be diligent about wearing SPF,” Culpo told InStyle. “Even after one day in the sun, I’ll notice more freckles on my skin. I try to wear a hat, definitely wear SPF and I like to carry around a hydrating spray.”

To help us get ready for the sweaty, sunny days ahead, we grilled Culpo on her must-have products for keeping her skin healthy and glowing during summer. Keep scrolling to find out her skincare must-haves and why she loves them.

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