There's a Crystal for That: Why You Need Healing Crystals in Your Skincare Routine

There's a Crystal for That: Why You Need Healing Crystals in Your Skincare Routine

There isn’t a single path to spiritual enlightenment. If practices like yoga and meditation aren’t doing the job in keeping you balanced, healing crystals are another approach to wellness that can help you cut the bad vibes. “Everything in the universe is some kind of vibrational energy,” explains Azalea Lee, crystal healer and founder of Place 8 Healing in L.A. “Even what we perceive as a solid object is really just a vibration as well. Crystals too emanate a vibrational energy with individual crystals resonating with different aspects that can support wellness and healing."

When it comes to choosing the best crystal for you, Lee suggests getting a reading with a healer who can help direct you to the crystals that would be most beneficial. If that isn’t an option, follow your instincts. “Otherwise, I suggest people choose the crystal or stone they are drawn to,” Lee says. “Even if people are choosing a stone on what they think is pure aesthetics, they are also being drawn to the stone for its metaphysical properties. In this way, people are connecting to their intuition and always choose the right stone for themselves.

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The positive energy (ok, they’re sparkly and pretty too look at too) of the New Age practice has made its way to your vanity and medicine cabinet. These minerals not only impact your mind and temperament, they also have skincare benefits too. “Just like vitamins, our bodies also need minerals,” says Kristin Petrovich co-founder of Själ Skincare, a line of mineral and gemstone energy-infused products. “Since we’re made up of water, minerals, and tissue, they’re beneficial to our bodies and our skin. Our bone structure is actually a crystalline bone structure so we naturally resonate with stones, which all carry a frequency.”

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Since the minerals have a higher frequency, they can literally travel towards weaker skin cells, to balance them, which make them extremely effective and powerful ingredients to target common skin issues such as redness and signs of aging. “There’s a few ways the minerals can be put into skincare products: they can be ground-up powders, colloidal, and in the case of oils, and they can be submerged with stones. We also program some products with gemstones’ frequencies.”

A great complexion and good vibes? Sounds like a total win-win. Here, we have ten skincare products infused with healing crystals to help your skincare routine reach a higher frequency.

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