Face Wipes Totally Needed After That Late Night Halloween Party

Face Wipes <em>Totally </em>Needed After That Late Night Halloween Party

A few years ago, I decided to be a star for Halloween. Yeah, like a metallic gold celestial star. That meant, of course, lots and lots of gems and glitter on my face, along with a ton of other face makeup to get flawless skin before loading on the shimmer. No surprise, I got home well past 2 AM, and committed the ultimate beauty sin of not washing off my makeup. We’ve all done it, right?

When I woke up, it showed. My skin was irritated, blotchy, and on top of all that, just felt uncomfortable. As a result, I refuse to deal with the post-Halloween party skin nightmares ever again, and because I always commit to costumes that require a lot of makeup, I need a late night game plan. 

Makeup wipes fit the bill. Put them in your bathroom or keep them on your bedside table. They are the ultimate emergency makeup removal trick when a full double cleanse unfortunately isn't going to happen. I'm not necessarily planning on not taking off my makeup, but I like knowing I have options in the event that I'm feeling lazy

Need to stock up, too? Check out a few shopping suggestions below!

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