6 Products Made to Conquer Uneven Skin Tone

6 Products Made to Conquer Uneven Skin Tone

Someone once told me not to underestimate the power of the ocean (you know, stay close to shore, mind the riptides), and while I def. don’t mess with the big blue sea, I feel like we should probably acknowledge the very same message about the sun, too.  

Don’t get me wrong! Summer is my favorite season and I love me some vitamin D, but the sun has some strength and the effects of that force can show up on your face. Ya know, wrinkles and dark spots. 

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The latter category particularly worries me, so I’m always aggressively applying the SPF and incorporating brightening, dark spot-correcting, and skin tone-evening products to my routine. I haven’t seen too many spots pop up, but I obviously want to keep it that way. But if you’re like me and uneven skin tone is maj. concern, you’ve landed at the right URL. 

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Check out the shopping gallery below to see how beauty brands are taking on the issues of brightening and fixing dark spots. And as always, chat with your derm about what ingredients and formulas are right for you, depending on your particular issue.

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