Bubbling Masks are Instagram's Latest Obsession

Bubbling Masks are Instagram's Latest Obsession

If you couldn’t get enough of the fizzy sensation of Pop Rocks candy growing up, you’re guaranteed to love the latest face mask trend that’s a hit on Instagram. Bubble masks are gel to foam formulas that bubble as they sit on your skin. They may not be exactly new, but the fizzy sensation does bring back the same excitement as dropping a packet of the popping candy on your tongue. Like many recent skin care innovations that have gone viral, these masks first became popular in Korea.   

The fizzy effect does actually have a purpose aside from serving as your next selfie material. It’s meant to infuse the skin with oxygen which helps these masks’ ingredients penetrate deeper. Many of these formulas are deep pore cleaners, makeup removers, and contain free radical-fighting antioxidants. The following are five bubbling masks will not only give your complexion a boost, but your likes too. 

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