8 Luxury Facial Moisturizers Worth Every Single Penny

8 Luxury Facial Moisturizers Worth Every Single Penny


Hit up any drugstore and you'll find shelves lined with facial moisturizers to choose from. Sure, there's no shortage of affordable options that'll get the job done, but if we're being honest, we're easily persuaded by the thought of adding a fancy-looking jar to our vanities along with the promises of the ingredients packed within said jar.

How should you justify a steep price tag? Moisturizing is important. It might only be one step in your skincare routine, but applying the product every day helps protect your complexion from the environment, signs of aging, and of course, dryness.

From La Mer's cult-favorite cream to Guerlain's celebrity-favorite orchid-infused formula, the following high-end facial moisturizers go above and beyond the bare minimum of keeping your skin hydrated.

Keep scrolling for the luxury facial moisturizers that are worth splurging on.

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