Anti-Aging Products That Won't Irritate Sensitive Skin 

Anti-Aging Products That Won't Irritate Sensitive Skin 
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When you have a complexion that's just as sensitive as you are, finding the right products to use in your routine that address your skincare concerns without causing any irritation can be a struggle, to say the least.

If signs of aging is one of your main concerns, you've probably tried a medicine cabinet's worth of products with retinol or retain-A—two vitamin A derivatives commonly found in anti-aging products because of their effectiveness at fighting fine lines—only to experience redness and tightness.

"For people with sensitive skin, you want to be careful about anti-aging products with retinols or retain-A in them," says dermatologist Dr. Kavita Mariwalla. "Both of these vitamin A derivatives can be drying. Similarly, alpha hydroxyl or glycolic acids can have a similar effect and irritate chapped skin. We know that all of these ingredients help with fine lines which is key to anti-aging and the retinol family helps to tighten pores and improve collagen."

If you have sensitive skin, Dr. Mariwalla says that you can still use these ingredients, but to mix them with moisturizers or other calming agents so that they're effective without over-drying your skin.

We turned to Dr. Mariwalla to find out what every sensitive complexion's anti-aging skincare routine should entail. Keep scrolling for anti-aging skincare products that are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

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