Beauty Oils With Petals Might Be the Most Beautiful Product Trend Ever

Beauty Oils With Petals Might Be the Most Beautiful Product Trend Ever

I wish I could say I had a green thumb. My mom and my sister are both uncertified plant whisperers, and I can’t seem to keep a bouquet of roses last more than three hours. A few months ago, I decided I was going to fill my Manhattan apartment (which, you know, doesn’t have a ton of windows and natural light) into a greenhouse. I bought cutsie pots from Anthropologie and filled them with interesting looking plants—even lavender! They were dead within two weeks. 

So what’s my point? Unless someone is willing to send me flowers every single day (an offer which I would happily accept), I have to get my nature fill another way. And I think it’s going to be with oil.

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“Whaaaa?”, you’re probably thinking. Yes, facial and body oils, but more specifically, the little glass bottles filled with oils and flowers at the bottom. Are they not the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen in your entire life? 

I really can’t stop staring, and there’s something so feminine and beautiful about these little petals flowing through a formula that’s meant to enhance your natural beauty. OK, I sound like a greeting card, but you can’t tell me you don’t agree. Here are a few I'm drooling over now, including one with crystals, which is probably something I could keep alive. 

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