Beauty Classics: InStyle Editors Weigh in on the Exact Moisturizers They Use (and Love!)

Beauty Classics: <em>InStyle</em> Editors Weigh in on the Exact Moisturizers They Use (and Love!)
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For many of us, a good moisturizer is a must. There's no way we could get through winter months without it. And heck no, we aren't about to cake on makeup without first applying our favorite skin quencher. Basically, moisturizer serves as the soft skin protector our faces should and will never be prepped without.

It's true, though, that not all moisturizers are created equal. Our editors have tested the waters and scoured virtually every brand for their formula of choice. With them, they've got all kinds of reasons as to why they've singled out a particular product as their favorite.

For some, it's all about the anti-aging properties. For others, it's got to do with the consistency and concentration of a particular face lotion. Some can't handle oil in their moisturizers and others need a serum in order to stay hydrated enough. 

That's the beauty behind our weekly beauty classics picks. We've got a diverse group of editors—each with an expert eye—who've got the scoop on what works for each kind of skin type. Herewith their takeaways, these are the 10 moisturizers our editors cannot live without.

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