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For as much as we love innovation in the beauty industry, it’s often the old stalwarts that will get the job done when nothing else will. Such is the case with one of Japan’s best-selling moisturizers, Yu-Be.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream is an intensely hydrating, multi-purpose cream that’s been hugely popular ever since it launched in 1957, some 60-odd years ago. The cult-loved cream can be used anywhere from your face and lips to your hands and body, and a rich blend of moisture trapping ingredients means it’ll keep you hydrated for hours.

Glycerin and hyaluronic acid, two celebrated agents for attracting and retaining water when applied to skin, are some of Yu-Be’s core ingredients, alongside vitamins E and B3, which lend anti-aging properties, and camphor, a soothing wax.

The cream applies like a balm and sinks in quickly, leaving behind a satiny, lightweight finish that’s unlike the emollient lotions you’ll find at a drugstore. Its weightless composition makes it a perfect option for oily skin and warmer weather, locking in hydration without feeling greasy.

There’s a lot about Yu-Be that feels from a different era. Its yellow tint that applies clear seems vaguely medicinal, and the blocks of text that wrap around the tub and box packaging — including claims like “A little dab goes a long way” — are Dr. Bronners-esque. It’s offbeat in all the ways you want a cult product to be.

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