Brightening Treatments to Repair That Vacay Sun Damage 

Brightening Treatments to Repair That Vacay Sun Damage 
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Listen, sometimes sunscreen isn't bulletproof. 

I'm not the kind of girl who goes in the sun without sunscreen. I'm just not. I'd no sooner light my hair on fire. Sun damage is just nothing I want to mess with. That being said, I do go in the sun and sometimes even the most diligent SPF re-application can't prevent a sun spot or two.

Not to mention, I pick my skin when it's broken out, so I'm super vulnerable to post-pimple hyperpigmenation. The great news for me is there are treatments that give me a little more wiggle room with controlling damage.

This is not to say that they enable bad behavior, but they certainly are a safety blanket of sorts. These are some that will help you do some damage control. It's handled. Think of me like the Olivia Pope of the beauty industry. 

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