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Why You Need a Makeup-Removing Cleanser—Stat

Why You Need a Makeup-Removing Cleanser—Stat
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We'll admit, sometimes when it's been a long week, and a Friday work event turns into a night out turns into an early in the wee hours sort of affair, we'll skip the makeup remover when we're crashing into bed. But here's something of a game-changer to your face-washing routine: makeup-removing cleansers are better than ever. While you may think a simple swipe of eye makeup remover is doing the trick, don't forget about the rest of your face (think foundation and bronzer build-up). That's why below, we've rounded up our favorite makeup-removing cleansers to ensure a clean complexion. Now you have no excuses!

PHOTOS: 12 Amazingly Efficient Makeup-Removing Cleansers

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