10 Face Mists to Keep Your Complexion From Melting

10 Face Mists to Keep Your Complexion From Melting

There’s a lot to love about summer: longer days, throwing our winter gear into storage, and warmer weather, but when temperatures are so hot we reach our boiling points, a cloud is thrown over our sunny dispositions.

Not only is spritzing on a facial mist super-refreshing alternative to having an A/C or fan on you at all times on sticky summer days, many formulas boast other skin care benefits such as anti-aging and SPF protection. While a mist may seem frivolous at first since it’s not an essential step that has to be included in any good skin care routine, when you’re sweaty and overheated on a mid-summer afternoon, you’ll be thankful you made the addition. Get spritzing with the following ten mists that will keep your complexion calm, cool, and refreshed throughout summer. 

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