This Simple Eyeshadow Trend Will Be Your New Makeup Obsession

This Simple Eyeshadow Trend Will Be Your New Makeup Obsession
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The smoky eye doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, this eye makeup classic can be done with one single shadow. From Joan Smalls in crimson red to Olivia Culpo's lavender lids, celebrities are picking one vibrant eyeshadow color and taking it all around the entire perimeter of their peepers.

The key to truly nailing the look? Picking bright or shimmering jewel-toned shades and avoiding creasing by first applying an eye primer, explains makeup artist Lindsey Williams.

After you've created a smooth base, Williams says to begin by buffing the shadow color into the upper lash line, generously blending up to the crease. Sometimes she even uses a pencil first to ensure she gets the shape she wants.

"When you get to the outer corner of the eye, buff the shadow in a slightly upward direction to give a hint of lift," she says.

Next, apply the product to the bottom lash line and buff it in, drawing the shadow down slightly from the lashes. "When you get to the outer corner, blend into the color you applied on the top in a soft upward direction merging the two."

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Just be careful you're not drawing a ring around your eyes. "You're looking for a soft diffusion and to lift the outer corners," she warns.

This can be achieved by using a "bullet" brush. Williams recommends Tom Ford Smoky Eye Brush #14 ($54; "The 'bullet' style brush will help to keep the color dense but diffused and reigned in," says Williams.

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