Pumpkin Spice Lipstick Is Happening Whether You Want It or Not

Pumpkin Spice Lipstick Is Happening Whether You Want It or Not
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The pumpkin spice debate is certainly a divisive one. While some can't get enough to the point that it's incorporated into every single edible aspect possible, others are adamantly anti-pumpkin spice. The trend has crossed over into just about every realm possible (we type as a pumpkin spice candle burns somewhere in the distance), and now, it has entered the beauty world in the form of lipstick. We almost hate to admit it, but we're kind of feeling the hue.

Consider pumpkin spice lipstick to be the fall answer to your bright coral lipstick over the summer. They're certainly on the same end of the color wheel, but pumpkin spice gets a rich sienna twist that looks flattering on every complexion. Not unlike the Starbucks beverage bearing its same name, it adds an automatic touch of warmth to any makeup look, and pairs especially well with that knit sweater and legging combo.

Here, we put together a list of the five prettiest pumpkin spice lip colors on the market, ranging from matte to metallic. Shop each one below and live your best autumnal life.

VIDEO: The Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Officially Back


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