The Buzziest Beauty Ingredient Is One You Haven't Heard of Yet

The Buzziest Beauty Ingredient Is One You Haven't Heard of Yet
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Not that we're the type to overuse the word "literally," but when it comes to this skincare ingredient, it's literally what it sounds like. Propolis, also referred to as "bee glue," is created by bees to coat the exterior of the hive and is a mixture of saliva and beeswax.

Sounds gross, but it's big news for your skin, particularly if you're prone to breakouts. Propolis works wonders at fighting off bacteria and free radicals, which makes total sense if you consider that it covers the outer layer of the beehive. It can do just the same in terms of acne-triggering bacteria, and to boot, it can help to balance out oil production. Propolis also can help your skin to heal faster, meaning you'll bounce back quicker post-breakout, and it can aid in smoothing over pesky fine lines. The nourishing qualities also mean it can soothe irritated skin, and it can keep your complexion hydrated, without an oily, heavy feeling.

Here, we put together a list of the best propolis-infused moisturizers, serums, and even a hair product we're currently obsessing over.

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