These Products Will Make You Want to Air-Dry Every Single Day

These Products Will Make You Want to Air-Dry Every Single Day
Art By Elysia Berman

Fact: I almost exclusively air-dry my hair.

It most definitely was a habit that formed in my childhood, and by that I mean, probably not understanding how to hold a hair brush and use a blow-dryer at the very same time. Sidebar, that’s way more difficult than it sounds, and I applaud my 11-year-old self for even trying.

But just because, on a regular basis, I air-dry, that doesn’t mean I go completely product-free. C’mon, we’ve already been through what I keep in my shower…

I enlist the help of styling products to make sure my hair dries to the best of its ability — i.e. not frizzy and totally out of control.

According to Judy McGuiness, a senior stylist at mizu salon in New York, you need to look for formulas that have “both moisture and hold,” which will help eliminate the frizz.

This is in edition to washing your hair with cool water and using a microfiber towel to squeeze dry instead of rubbing. FYI, McGuiness told us that could disrupt the outer layer of the hair shaft.

Ready to give air-drying a chance, save some electricity, and maybe 15 (or, who am I kidding, 30!) minutes from your routine? Try some of my favorites below. 

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