8 Essential Beauty Products to Use When You’re Sick

8 Essential Beauty Products to Use When You’re Sick

You may be drinking lots of liquids, getting enough sleep every night, and diligently washing your hands, but despite all of the precautions you take, sometimes you can’t avoid getting hit by illness during cold and flu season. Ideally, we’d all get a few days to slow down and comfort ourselves at home, equipped with endless cups of tea and Netflix, but due to work and social commitments, we’re forced to push through it.

Your makeup routine is probably the last thing you’re thinking of as you round up enough energy to get out of bed, get dressed, and get through the day; but the following products we've gathered aren’t just focused on making you look good, but feeling better too. These eight beauty products are simple ways to mask how terrible you really feel, and quickly heal cold and flu symptoms. 

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