8 Products You Need to Pimp Out Your Powder Room

8 Products You Need to Pimp Out Your Powder Room

Maybe it’s the influx of guests who have been crashing at my apartment, or maybe it’s because I have unrealistic goals of having my tiny Manhattan apartment looking like the inside of a Pottery Barn catalog, but I’ve been v. dissatisfied with the decorative aesthetic of my powder room.

Yes, I want my guests to know that I’m a good beauty editor and take off my makeup at night, but I don’t want them to see the results of that (about three cotton pads coated with eyeliner and foundation) in my trashcan. In fact, I don’t even want my trashcan to look like a place where you would ditch garbage. 

And it is with that discontent and general frustration with my inner interior decorator that I felt the urge to seek out beauty products and decor that would pimp out my power room. It’s all documented in my wish list, below.

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