Pageant Queens Are Posting #NoMakeup Selfies to Combat Cyber-Bullying

Pageant Queens Are Posting #NoMakeup Selfies to Combat Cyber-Bullying
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The beauty of social media is when people use it to band together to spread positivity. WNCN says that after North Carolina beauty queen, Isabella Gaines, was cyber-bullied with a side-by-side image of her with and without makeup on an anonymous Twitter account, she took to Instagram to combat the hater. Apparently, the troll was posting photos of many of the area's beauty queens sans makeup to the feed. Rude.

A fellow pageant sister of hers, Kenzie Hansley, decided to help. WNCN says she posted her own makeup-free photo alongside a dolled-up pageant head shot with the message: "You are beautiful both ways and I feel beautiful both ways too. Keep rocking the #nomakeupselfie." Since then, hundreds of pageant girls have followed suit. Pageant queens from California to Hawaii have joined the movement. The already viral hashtag just got more beautiful!

Katie Knowles, who is Miss Statesville 2015, told Fox Carolina that her make-up free post combats the comment she received saying she looked "disgusting" without cosmetics.

"It was a really empowering feeling to say, no I don't. You're wrong. And I feel very comfortable with who I am," Knowles said.

Instead of surrendering to negativity, these young women have embraced a bare face in the name of empowerment. See, social media can do some good. Check out some of the other gorgeous #nomakeupselfie posts by other pageant queens below:

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