These Gummi Beauty Vitamins Might Change Your Life

These Gummi Beauty Vitamins Might Change Your Life
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Trix may be for kids, but gummi vitamins? They're not restricted to the younger crowd anymore. Thanks to the latest need-to-know wellness brand Olly, you can merge those Flintstone flavors you all but inhaled in years past with some major beauty benefits. With an inside-out approach to beauty, the products drive home the point "you are what you eat," by jam-packing their supplements with ingredients targeted to impact your hair, skin, nails, and by proxy, your overall primping regimen. First up, Undeniable Beauty vitamins ($14;, which are available in a tangy grapefruit flavor, use ingredients like biotin, vitamin C, and vitamin E to strengthen your hair and nails, not to mention, enhance your natural glow. But if you're on the market for a complexion-specific formula, pick up the Vibrant Skin gummies ($14;

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The tiny, blueberry-flavored gummies are infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and sea buckthorn—aka ingredients you'd find in your anti-aging cream—to plump up fine lines and add a much needed boost in moisture. In addition to the Undeniable Beauty and Vibrant Skin formulas, Olly also carries a wide range of vitamins that aren't directly tied to beauty, like a general multi-vitamin, an energy-boosting formula, and a bone-strengthening version among many others. The recommended amount is two gummies per day, so one bottle should last you about a month, although we're constantly testing our willpower since they taste so good.

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