7 Mani & Pedi Nail Polish Combinations to Try this Summer

7 Mani & Pedi Nail Polish Combinations to Try this Summer
Ingrid Frahm

When current events make it feel like the world is crumbling around you, sometimes it helps to stop and take the time to appreciate smaller, trivial things to stay sane. Case in point: Sandal season finally here. Now that Memorial Day—aka the unofficial start of summer—has come and gone the sun and inevitably your feet, are probably out.

If you’re one of those people that stands in front the nail polish wall at the salon for ten minutes before finally choosing a shade for your manicure, we’re right there with you. The thought of having to pick two shades that will complement each other can be overwhelming when there are too many potential color combinations. In hopes of saving you time and keeping your impatient manicurist happy, we’ve teamed up the best nail polish shades to wear on your fingers and toes this summer.

Need ideas for your next mani/pedia appointment? Keep scrolling for our favorite nail polish color combinations.

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