The Best Nail Polish for a Chip-Free Manicure

The Best Nail Polish for a Chip-Free Manicure

Don’t let anyone tell you different—painting your nails at home and ending up with a manicure you’re proud of is a huge feat. You’ve got to clean off any stray lacquer from your cuticles and wait for what feels like an eternity (realistically two episodes of Stranger Things) for them to completely dry. So when they chip the minute you conquer a load of dishes after dinner? Annoying is an understatement.

But you shouldn’t feel jaded because there are long-lasting formulas, courtesy of some of your favorite brands like essie and O.P.I, that will actually stick to your nail beds. Here, we rounded up a few bottles (in our favorite colors) we swear by for at-home chip-free manicures.

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