Um, KFC's Newest Product Is.... Nail Polish?

Um, KFC's Newest Product Is.... Nail Polish?
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Fried chicken-flavored nail polish to be precise.

Quick — what's the last thing you'd ever expect KFC to offer? If you said beauty products then we're with you on that one. But, as it turns out, KFC is making a bizarre foray into makeup with a release of a line of nail polishes, according to Adweek.

But wait, it gets weirder. The nail polishes will be edible and flavored and available in two shades (or to be more precise two flavors), Original and Hot & Spicy. KFC is really trying bring their "Finger Lickin' Good" philosophy to life, huh?


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If you love KFC or have always wondered what it would be like to be able to eat your nail polish then we have some good news and some bad news. Apparently the nail polish is part of a marketing push in Hong Kong and isn't currently being mass produced (bad news), but the good news is that those that live in Hong Kong will be able to choose which flavor of nail polish they want to see go into mass production. Who knows, maybe in a couple of months we'll all be eating fried chicken flavoring off our nails?

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