'90s Kids Are Going to Love This Swan Princess Beauty Launch 

'90s Kids Are Going to Love This <em>Swan Princess </em>Beauty Launch 

If you grew up in the '90s, there's a good chance that Prince Derek from the The Swan Princess was one of your first childhood crushes and the reason why you re-watched your VHS copy of the film until you burned the tape from rewinding it so many times.

Thanks to Espionage Cosmetics, a cruelty-free makeup brand that specializes in "nerd makeup," you can revisit your daydreams about becoming Princess Odette with its upcoming official Swan Princess nail wrap collection.

The wraps are available in three different colorways (one of which even glows in the dark), and come in packs of 22 at $12 each, which works out to two '90s cartoon-inspired manis.

Is you inner 10-year-old excited? Us too. But, you'll have to wait until September to get your hands on this nostalgia-fueled collection. However, you can pre-order a set (or all three) by heading to espionagecosmetics.com. Before grabbing your credit card, scroll down to see the three different nail wrap designs in The Swan Princesss collection.

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