11 Timeless Nail Polish Colors for Your Wedding Day

11 Timeless Nail Polish Colors for Your Wedding Day
Stakhov-Yuriy/Getty, Cass Loh

When you regret the polish you picked for any random Tuesday at the salon, it’s no big deal. You break out the acetone and take it off. But when you regret your wedding day polish, that stuff is sticking with you in photos forever, especially if you pop that pic up on Instagram. While brides should choose a color that makes them feel confident and fits with their personal aesthetic, one popular option is to stick with pretty and soft neutrals. “Neutral nail polish is a such good option for wedding because it blends in and not distracting from the wedding gown,” says Honey Artists manicurist Liang Su. "It's always classic and chic. You want your wedding look to be harmonious at your wedding day. You want everything to compliment each other so focus could be on the bride.”

Some of Liang’s favorites include Deborah Lippmann’s famed nude Fashion, as well as essie’s pastel pink Mademoiselle. Sticking with the theme, we rounded up a few more nudes, pinks, beiges, and soft iridescent buys for you to consider on your big day.

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