You've Got to See China Glaze's My Little Pony Nail Polishes

You've Got to See China Glaze's <em>My Little Pony</em> Nail Polishes

Bronies, equestrians, and nail art aficionados, rejoice—a My Little Pony nail polish collection is coming, and it is glorious.

To celebrate the upcoming My Little Pony: The Movie rollout in October, China Glaze has created a 12-piece nail color collection, which draws inspiration from all of your favorite ponies (you know, if that's your thing) and spans the entire ROYGBIV spectrum. Although the movie isn't out until the fall, you can expect to see China Glaze's range at Ulta stores starting in July, priced at $8 per bottle.

Slight spoiler alert: Sia makes an appearance in the film, and has been immortalized in both pony and nail polish form. The singer will be voicing a pony named Songbird Serenade, appropriately decked out in her trademark bangs. It was only fitting that she get her own lacquer as well, which will be an inky noir with holographic glitters, and is sold in a two-piece set alongside a metallic gold. Whether you abide by the rules of the Brony playbook, or just saw the documentary on Netflix one night and are weirdly fascinated, we're sure you'll find a few colors to fit into your existing nail arsenal. 

VIDEO: My Little Pony Gets the Fresh Prince Treatment

Scroll down to see the collection in full below.


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