17 of Mila Kunis's Most MemorableThat '70s Show Beauty Moments 

17 of Mila Kunis's Most Memorable<em>That '70s Show</em> Beauty Moments 

When she was literally only 14 years old, Mila Kunis got her start on That '70s Show. In case you don't binge watch it on Netflix, we'll remind you that she played Jackie Burkhart—the popular, rich girl, who was more than a little shallow. Even if you weren't a fan of her personality, her style was everything. Seriously, those '70s hairstyles were half the reason anyone should've tuned in.

Jackie's love life was perpetually changing, but her hair never faltered. Curls, barrettes, and long layers survived heartbreak and any other plots thrown her way. (P.S. Don't worry about Kunis IRL! The actress wound up marrying her TV boyfriend Kelso, aka Ashton Kutcher.)

VIDEO: Mila Kunis's Changing Looks

Since That '70s Show is how fans came to know and love the star, let's jump in a time machine and relive Kunis's best beauty moments as Jackie. Thanks to Netflix, all the nostalgia is only a few clicks away.

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