These Makeup Removers Will Literally Melt the Products Off Your Face

These Makeup Removers Will <em>Literally</em> Melt the Products Off Your Face

While the general idea, especially in the middle of summer, would be to prevent your makeup from melting off, it's a very different story when it comes to removing said makeup. Sometimes even after using a heavy-duty face wash followed by a cotton ball soaked in toner, we still find remnants of mascara under our eyes, or leftover foundation around the corners of our nose. The only solution? Go full Wicked Witch of the West on that makeup. Thanks to the latest class of makeup removers, which actually melt the products off, washing your face has never been easier. The secret lies within each of the oil-based formulas—the oil helps to break down the compounds used in makeup, so all you need to follow with is a few splashes of water and a soft face towel. Here, we round up a few of our favorite makeup removers, guaranteed to melt every trace of foundation, mascara, and eyeliner from your face.

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