The Perfect Mascaras for Every Lash Type

The Perfect Mascaras for Every Lash Type

You’ll be pressed to find a harder working makeup product than your tube of mascara. It’s the one makeup item we never leave home without, and while it may sound dramatic, forgetting it at home is just as bad as leaving your phone behind. While swiping on mascara may take less time than you spend scrolling through your various feeds, finding the right formula for your own lashes is a little more time consuming. Since there are so many wands and only so much time to try every formula out there, a recommendation—or two—often helps make our decision. But, just like no two tubes of mascara are alike, neither are two sets of lashes, and your friend’s go-to may do nothing to enhance your own. To help you put your best eyelashes forward, we’re put together a guide on what you should look for when choosing a mascara based on your lash needs. From volumizing to defining, read on to find the best tube for you. 

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