You Can Learn a Ton from These "Dos and Don'ts" Makeup Videos    

You Can Learn a Ton from These "Dos and Don'ts" Makeup Videos
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YouTube vloggers have a way of sucking you into their world and making you forget that you have work to do and chores to complete and errands to run and cats to feed. Case in point: the addictive, recent onslaught of "do's and don'ts" videos, which feature one half of vloggers' face wearing makeup, and the other half wearing perfectly applied makeup. Consider it a sort of "Jekyll and Hyde" of the beauty world, only these vloggers are 100 percent angels for bestowing the makeup community with their beauty hacks.

This video, by vlogger and makeup artist Stephanie Lange, is particularly impressive. On the left, "bad" side, she's wearing thick eyeliner under her eyes, a less-than-stellar cat eye, poorly applied blush and bronzer, and foundation that's melty and unset. In the video, she explains why these things end up looking unflattering and shows you how to apply your makeup the proper way. She even has easy-to-follow hacks she uses herself that'll make the process way easier for you.

Here's another video, this one by vlogger Diana Saldana. Like the video above, she talks you through common beauty blunders and details the ways you can fix your mistakes.

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In this video, vlogger Carli Bybel admits that she used to commit a lot of these makeup sins. She's here to show you the wrongness of her ways, though, and to teach you techniques that'll improve your beauty game, too.

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