This Girl Did Her Entire Makeup Routine Using Only Highlighter

This Girl Did Her Entire Makeup Routine Using Only Highlighter
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Just call it her highlight reel.

If, while bored, you’ve ever played the mental game in your head to decide which makeup products you couldn’t live without if you could only have, say, five of them, you probably wouldn’t load up entirely on highlighter. But beauty vlogger Mariya Lyubashevskaya is about to make a case for why you’d actually be total okay with only variations of the makeup bag staple.

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You see, the 18-year-old from Dubai recently posed a video in which she does her entire face in makeup using only an assortment of highlighters and shimmery bronzers, which we first discovered from our friends over at Seventeen. While she 100 percent sparkles by the end of the tutorial, the look is really pretty, if not a tad impractical for daytime, or really anything other than a costume party. It’s a little sci-fi, but we dig it.

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But, still, she did it and we give her mad props for completing such a striking look. And in case you’re curious, Lyubashevskaya used a slew of different products from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Addiction, Jeffree Starr, Lush, and more to achieve her results.

This is what we love about beauty – the possibilities are endless.

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