Courtesy, Time Inc. Digital Studio
Kim Peiffer
Oct 11, 2017 @ 4:45 pm

I've never been a foundation person, but I wore it apprehensively for years regardless, worried about running around town with a naked face. Then one fateful Saturday afternoon a few years ago, I stumbled into Sephora and changed my life -- well, my makeup life, anyways.

VIDEO: Watch an InStyle Editor Get Microblading 


Enter Laura Mercier's Illuminizing Tinted Moisturizer ($44, It's lightweight, dewy formula goes on flawlessly and is the perfect amount of coverage I've always been after (sheer, minimal, but something). But the best part is the radiant finish it gives with a hint of shimmering color. My lackluster skin is instantly illuminated every morning, even when sleep and stress seem to be taking a toll on my skin. I swear by this stuff for life, period. 


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