These 10 Eyebrow Kits will Help You Achieve all of Your #BrowGoals  

These 10 Eyebrow Kits will Help You Achieve all of Your #BrowGoals

Whether your brow goals are full and thick a la Cara Delevingne, or you prefer a refined arch, there’s so much more to brow grooming than picking up a pair of tweezers. Since most of us don’t wake up with perfect brows, we’re huge proponents of faking it till you make it with the help of a few trusty tools. However, with so many products out there, it easy to spend more time deliberating on the exact products to pick up than working on your brows, which is where game-changing, conveniently packaged kits step in.

Equipped with a waxy pomade, setting powders, brushes, and if you’re lucky, a tweezer too, these kits not only free up some prime real estate in your bag, they include everything you need for natural-looking brows. Their powders are your best bet for filling sparse spots, tweezers will get rid of strays and clean up the shape, and a pomade will hold everything in place. The following ten standout kits will keep your brows at their best wherever you go. 

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