8 Gel Eyeliners That Don’t Smudge—Seriously

8 Gel Eyeliners That Don’t Smudge—Seriously
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A long list of expletives best describes the process of taking our eye makeup off at the end of the day. But, while we curse waking up the next morning with residue from waterproof mascara on our under eyes, eyeliner is the one product we actually want to be stubborn. From getting caught in the rain sans umbrella, getting stuck on the one subway car without AC, or oily lids, there’s a lot of factors that can cause eyeliner to slide from your lash lines—especially if they’re gel.

Since gel pencils have creamy formulas, they’re easy for liner pros and novices alike to skim along the waterline or create a dramatic cat-eye, but it also makes them prone to smudging. Since no two gels are alike, we’ve done the hard research and narrowed down the best long-wearing gel pencils. Keep reading for our favorite gel eyeliners that won’t budge—no matter what.

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