NSFW Beauty Product Names That Will Make You Blush

NSFW Beauty Product Names That Will Make You Blush

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Clutch your pearls: While there’s a lot of beauty products out there with just plain quirky names, there’s also a set that’s just like your one friend that makes dirty jokes. While it’s arguable that whoever came up with these scandalous names has their mind in the gutter, it’s undeniable that they’re experts at shock value.

Since NARS’ O.G. Orgasm Blush first hit shelves and gave us a flush of color (whether or not it was on our cheeks), these inappropriate names have never failed to crack a smile on our faces like schoolchildren.

But, in the name of embracing all things sexy (it is Valentine’s Day in a few weeks, after all) we’ve rounded up the beauty products with names so racy, we don’t recommend saying them out loud if you’re at work—unless you want to make a trip to HR.

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