Serum Foundations That Take Skincare to the Next Level

Serum Foundations That Take Skincare to the Next Level

The fusion of skincare and makeup keeps on getting better and nothing proves that more than foundation packed with ingredients to help your skin look glowy, smooth, hydrated, and healthy even after you wash it all off. That's the beauty of serum foundation—on top of feeling weightless on your face and being easy to blend, all while concealing any imperfections you want to hide.

"I think one of the biggest trends in the beauty world these days is more of a focus on skincare like it's never been seen before," says makeup artist Toby Fleischman. "Certainly as a makeup artist, this trend is wonderful because we all know makeup just looks and feels better when your skin is in its best shape. Women want to take care of their complexion, but at the same time present a flawless, natural beauty look."

VIDEO: The Best Foundations for Dry Skin

Ready to give it a try? Here are a few products out on the market now.

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