One of These Bronzers Is Sold Every 15 Seconds

One of These Bronzers Is Sold Every 15 Seconds
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That's a lot of bronzer.

Summer is coming (even if the weather says otherwise), and we are in high-gear prep mode. Although, for the sake of our skin, we know we won't be totally soaking up the sun (sunburn = not good), a good bronzer is an easy way to get that glow. And if you're in the market for a good bronzer, as we almost always are, then consider a compact from Physicians Formula's impressive lineup. 

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One Physicians Formula bronzer is sold every 15 seconds, 15 seconds guys. Every year they sell enough bronzer to cover the entire female population of Los Angeles, aka a ton of people with a ton of bronzers. They currently have 35 bronzers, which means you'll definitely be able to find one — or five that agree with you. Doesn't hurt that their formulas are dermatologically tested and tend to have amazing super-ingredients (thinking specifically about that Argan Oil infused bronzer).


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