Mascaras Even Lash Extension Addicts Will Love

Mascaras Even Lash Extension Addicts Will Love
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There comes a time in every lash extensions addict’s life where regularly refills take a brief pause. For some, it’s a busy schedule and the inability to get into the salon, and for others, it might be because their monthly budget isn’t allowing for the cost of a new set every few weeks. Whatever the reasons, the withdraw of not having fluttery, full, super long lashes all the time (and looking strangely awake and glam in the a.m.) is testing. I should know—I’m going through it right now. But before I turned to faux mink, I worshipped mascara and all its transformative powers. Luckily, that beauty staple is still here for me with even more amazing formulas than before.

Here are a few volumizing, thickening, and lengthening products that, yes, even the lash extensions addicts out there will love.

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