MAC Just Launched Its Shiniest Lip Gloss Collection Ever

MAC Just Launched Its Shiniest Lip Gloss Collection Ever

Back in the early aughts, MAC's ultra-glossy, super shiny lip gloss got just has much hype as a Kylie Lip Kit. It was the tube to have in your handbag—just ask Paris Hilton. And thanks to the brand's re-released Dazzleglass collection, it still is. Honestly, it might just make you toss your matte liquid lippies (temporarily) to the side.

After a brief hiatus, MAC has brought back its glittery lip gloss lineup, Dazzleglass, permanently. It consists of 16 glittery, lustrous, and shimmering different colors, from several different versions of pink to a comet blue to even a deep purple. Basically, every shade you'd ever want.

What's even better than a new tube of glitter lip gloss? The fact that you don't have to sit on a waitlist to get your hands on them. Dazzleglass is officially out now online and in stores—and you can shop them all for 21 bucks a pop, below.

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